GSIS computation

GSIS computation

Average Monthly Compensation as basis in computing retirement and pension benefits

Please be advised that the Average Monthly Compensation (AMC) that is used as a basis in computing the amount of GSIS retirement and pension benefit is the average of the member’s basic salary in the last three years or 36 months of his or her service in government. There is no truth to speculations that AMC will soon be based on the member’s salary for the last ten years of service.

The GSIS has no intention of revising the definition of the AMC under Republic Act 8291.

The AMC is one of the factors in the computation of the Basic Monthly Pension (BMP) of a GSIS member. Below is the formula for computing the BMP.

BMP = (.025) x (AMC + P700) x Period of Paid Premium

We would appreciate it if you could help us disseminate this information to your co-workers.

Thank you for your cooperation.


One Response to “GSIS computation”

  1. Francisca M. Sabenicio Says:

    I will be retiring in September 09, 2016 at the age of 63 with 35 yrs of Service…how much will I get from my retirement under RA 8291?

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