ACT Teacher Leaders Dialogue w/COMELEC Chair Sixto Brillantes Jr.

In our dialogue, we agreed to write to you (COMELEC Chair Sixto Brillantes) our major concerns regarding the coming elections on May, 2013:

1. One of our major concerns is the enactment of a law that would make election service on the part of the public school teacher voluntary. As per mandate of the Omnibus Election Code, our public school teachers are required to serve in all elections. House Bill has been filed in the House of Representatives by Congressman Antonio Tinio of the ACT Teachers Party List.
2. Another concern is our request for additional compensation for our teachers who will serve as Board of Election Inspectors during this event. May we please request that such compensation be set as P5,000 for the Board of Election Inspectors, P3,000 for the principals who will supervise or oversee the voting precincts in their respective schools and P2,000 for the support staff;
3. May we also reiterate a major concern regarding the disenfranchisement of our public school teachers who served as Board of Election Inspectors? Because of the computerized elections which limited the number of ballots to the list of voters listed in specific precincts, our public school teachers who are registered in other precincts were not able to exercise their right of suffrage. This time may we please request that COMELEC allow them to vote in the respective precincts where they serve as BEI’s by issuing a resolution to that effect and making the necessary adjustments to this specific situation?
4. Allow our ACT Teachers Hotline to work in close coordination with you especially during emergency situations when the safety and lives of our public school teachers,
principals and non-teaching personnel, who will serve in the coming elections, are at stake.

Source: QCPSTA /ACT Phils.


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