“Take All” Retirees….

“Take All” Retirees
Apart from pension, retiring GSIS members have the option to avail of other retirement packages, such as the “Take-All” program.

Other Benefits for Take All Retirees

“Take All” retirees are those who qualified under RA 1616’s Retirement Mode, or those who were in government service on or before May 31, 1977, and who have rendered at 20 years of service regardless of age and employment status; and whose last 3 years of service prior to retirement was continuous.

“Take All” retirees are entitled to receive a gratuity pay from his/her last employer, as well as, the return of all his/her premiums paid, consisting of the personal contributions plus interest, and the government’s share without interest, payable by the GSIS.

While “Take All” retirees are no longer entitled to a monthly pension, they can still avail of other GSIS benefits, such as the GSIS Hospitalization Support Program (GHSP), which gives up to 50% percent in hospitalization discounts. (provide link to GHSP)

To take advantage of the GHSP, a “Take All” retiree must first obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the Medical Services Offices (MSO) of the GSIS, which in turn must be presented to a GSIS partner-hospital to avail of the discounts.

To obtain a Certificate of Eligibility, the “Take All” retiree must present to the MSO a Certificate of Retirement provided by the GSIS’s Customer Relations and Monitoring Department (CRMD).

In case of the demise of “Take All” retiree, a funeral benefit in the amount of P20,000 will be given to the members of their family, in the order in which they appear:

1. Legitimate spouse
2. Legitimate child who spent for the funeral services, or
3. Any other person who can show unquestionable proof of his having borne the funeral expense.
Members of the family will qualify for the funeral benefit if the “Take All” retiree has at least 20 years of service, regardless of age.



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