Labag sa Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. Sec.3(a)….

July 23, 2011 7am batangas team building, Chairman Brillantes told Atty. Ferdinand T. Rafanan The ballot secrecy folder scam decision was coming out. He said penalty was 1 year suspension for the 3 but 3 others were absolved. He said ibargain nila na macredit na ang 6 months preventive suspesion dati para 6 months na lang . Chairman Brillantes officially received decision Aug. 23, 2011 and it is as he had said, Suspension is  only 6 months.Then Aug. 24 during enbanc  meeting he asked Atty.Rafanan to tlk to spokesman of ombudsman to help Alarkon and Abaya get lower penalty. Labag ito sa Anti-Graft and Corruption Practices Act. Sec 3(a). Kung magawa niyang ipakiusap ang kaso sa ombudsman , Paano na ang mga kaso sa loob ng COMELEC?


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