K+12 Basic Education Model…

After considering various proposals and studies, the model that is currently being proposed by DepEd.This model involves Kindergarten, six years of elementary education(6 to 11 yrs old), four years of junior high school (12 to 15 yrs old), (Grades 7 to 10) and two years of senior high school (16 to 17 yrs old), (Grades 11 to 12 ). The two years of senior high school intend to provide time for students to consolidate acquired academic skills and competencies. The curriculum will allow specializations in science and technology, music and arts, agriculture and fisheries, sports, business and entrepreneurship, etc. and 12 years of quality basic education is a right of every Filipino, therefore these should be provided by government for free in public schools. Those who go through the 12-year program will get an elementary diploma (6 years), a junior high school diploma (4years), and a senior high school diploma (2 years). A full 12 years of basic education will eventually be required for entry into tertiary level education (entering freshmen by SY 2018-2019 or seven years from now).The implementation of the K+12 program will be phased. Universal kindergarten will be offered starting SY 2011-2012. By SY 2012-2013, the new curriculum will be offered to incoming Grade 1 as well as to incoming junior high school.
Source: DepEd..



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