Computerization and Automation of 2010 Polls

The SC have already decided with finality lets all supports Computerization and Automation of 2010 Polls, Its the excellent and best way to rid manual counting which exposed to cheating and corruptions of actual votes.. It works well with other developed countries its time do the same our country and people deserve their votes to be counted faster and correctly. What for we are already in the 20th century where I.T is already in the fingertips of everybody. Kudos to SC for the well deserve decisions.

The automation of the country’s national elections next year will be a first for the Philippines.

Hopefully, the election automation will solve the problem of cheating, as the results can be arrived at in much less time and with less human intervention. When the first automated election in the Philippines, GMA would be leaving a legacy which no other past president had done. While she had been accused of election cheating, she will leave a system that will make future elections effecient, less controversial and more acceptable to all. In the process, she will also save lives, time and resources of Comelec and the Supreme Court in resolving election-related cases.

I am very happy. At last we can move forward. All we need is a tipping point and there is no turning back. I see this as our tipping point. Mabuhay po lahat ng nagtulak nito. As for Harry Roque, If you want to stay in the stone age, do not drag the rest of us with you….

Congratulations and more power to Director Ferdinand T. Rafanan and Chairman Jose A. Melo.



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